12 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

About Final Submissions

The final submission: [11.00] on 25th January 2011, Design Studio (3406)

Jury Feedback: [14:00-16:00AM] 25th January 2011

Requirements (at least-s):
- Site plan 1: 500

- Sections from site plan 1:500
(at least 2 sections, which are not parallel (preferable perpendicular to each other),
provides the information about relations about the city and your design)

-The plans, sections, elevations 1:200

- 'Physical' model 1:500

- An A4 Summary & A2 format Poster

- Poster : A2 format (59,4x 42cm) and/or Booklet (21x 21 cm)
including the process of the project with expressive representations, while keeping in mind the relations of your design with the urban context and your future projections.

- ++

Note-1[SCALE-CONTENT CORRELATION]: It is not recommended to rescale your representations unless the content and the format of them are appropriate within their scale.
Note-2[BOOKLET]: The ones who would like to prepare a booklet should contact Zeynep and me (a.zeynepaydemir@gmail.com; semosphere@gmail.com ).
Note-3[EXTRA MEETING HOURS] Prof. Arzu will be available on 17th January Monday [13:00-15:00]at the room 219 for the further questions.

1 Kasım 2010 Pazartesi

a link about data visualization

Seminer (Talks)
"an introduction to fractal geometry in general and its application to architecture"
Konuklar(Guests) : Wolfgang Lorenz , Gabriel Wurz
Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Architectural Sciences
Digital Architecture and Planning
Yer (Place): Taşkışla room 109
Tarih (Date): 9th November, 16:30

"VERİKENT/DATACITY" amber'10 Art and Technology Festival 5-14 November 2010, Istanbul